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A few years ago, as I was locked in perplexity over TWO very different road’s to my life’s goals and vision, I had a mentor who explained that I needed to find where my love of yoga and my love of academia met. She promised me that, at some point, the two would come together and I would have a better picture of what I wanted to do when I grew up.

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Considering that I was well into my 40’s when I had this conversation should be an indicator that I am definitely a late bloomer to understanding my purpose or my ‘plan’. My passions for yoga, home & family, and personal research just didn’t seem to have a natural intersection; at least not in a way that seemed exciting to anyone but me. That was true until I prepared to write my final paper for my Master’s degree. I had become critically aware that perfectionism, anxiety, depression, body image disorders, self-harm, and weakened personal connections were wreaking havoc on adolescents, young adults, and families all over the world. 

I’ve toyed with a lot of different ways that I could use the insights and experiences I’ve had with warding off distress and cultivating wellness, but I keep coming back to the dreams of my own youth and the vision that I have for my own family. Knowing both my dreams and my visions, as well as knowing the struggles and personal obstacles that we have faced, has led me to take a slightly different approach to this website than I had originally planned. Here you will find a lot of the intersection where yoga philosophy and family studies combine to offer insight, guidance, perspective, and peace into the ever-changing world that we live in; here you will find the tools to build and strengthen the individuals and families that make up the heart of our homes.  

I hope you enjoy as you poke around, but more than anything, I hope you walk away from your time with me feeling physically, mentally, or spiritually strengthened and challenged in your life, your family, and your community. I truly believe that together we move mountains, together we stand, and together we rise! 


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