I have wanted to get a PhD for as long as I can remember. My grandpa, who was one of the most influential people in my life, was a professor at my Alma Mater and I viewed his PhD as one of the reasons he was able to make such a lasting impression on everyone he met. 

Now that I am standing at that doorstep, I find myself with mixed emotions- do I continue study and research in a formal setting or do I put down my tuition checks and share my study and research with anyone who will hear my words?

While thinking this through, I read something written by Shawn Achor, an author and researcher that I follow. He suggested that a publication in a research journal will be read by 6 people (one will be the authors mom). Although I am grateful and honored to have published material, I happen to hope that my message can impact more than 5 people’s lives. The pervasive nature of Perfection Driven Distress calls for a more widespread audience. If you would like more information about increasing well-being and promoting tools for success in your group, organization, congregation, or business please follow this   with questions and comments that might be specific to your individual or group needs.