My daughter was recently in a car accident that has provide me with the opportunity to consider the way I look at the world around me.


Though I am far from perfect, I try really hard to step out of the immediate stimuli when the present moment is somewhat urgent or traumatic. I do not like the way I feel when I respond with fear or aggression and have come to understand that (for the most part) my reactions under duress are seldom necessary or validated. More often than not, I have come to truly appreciate that there IS, indeed, a silver lining in every stormy cloud. 

This was put to the test last week when I got the phone call that rocked my world,


I had just picked up my phone after a yoga class to see the notifications that I had missed– I had four text messages and 4 phone calls!

As I was getting ready to read the messages, I received another call from a number I did not recognize…

“Is this Mrs. Peterson? I’m here with Karli, the emergency response team are working on extracting her from her vehicle and will soon transport her to the nearest high trauma hospital. Can you meet us at the scene of the accident?” 

There is NO amount of Yoga breathing, nidra, asana, meditation… that can put a mother in a calm and steady state of mind with that phone call!


Ahhhhh… the memory is still so fresh!

Everything is okay, Miraculously (and I use that word absolutely accurately) my daughter walked away from the hospital with lots of bumps and bruises- but completely intact…


the CAR, not so much


At first, we counted all the immediate and visible blessings, 

she is alive, she is relatively unharmed, the second driver was not seriously injured, we have great car insurance, etc… 


It wasn’t until we went to clear the car of our possessions, and actually saw the damage to the car, that I realized the true gravity of the collision. I realized that for as many things as I could see that had made a huge impact on her safety- air bags, speed limit obedience, location of impact…


There were many unseen blessings that I would probably never truly understand, from last minute changes to the car she was driving and her destination. It can be labeled fate, divine intervention, karma, coincidence… or it can be left unlabeled entirely. But the truth is, we can be grateful for what we see, what we have, what we experience…

AND we can be grateful for what we don’t see!

When I teach a balance posture, such as Tree or Warrior 3, 


I am careful to point out the importance of the lifted leg… 

In both postures, this leg that seems to simply be along for the party trick, 

is actively engaged and working diligently to maintain steadiness in the posture. 

As a matter of fact, there are so many forces at work in ANY asana, especially a balance posture… 

A posture can change dramatically with just a few subtle shifts to the core, the glutes, the  hips and thighs… 

Changes that may go completely unnoticed to the eye, 

make all the difference to the steady, peaceful nature of the very postures we practice. I love to point these subtle changes out so that we can truly appreciate both what we see and what goes unseen, for there is truly beauty and validity in both! 





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