When life has served up a big dose of crazy and chaotic, I look first for a place to be still; and then in the stillness, I allow myself to settle into a little bit of peace. The trouble is, when life seems crazy, we have to purposely open our hearts to the perspective and potential of our given challenge and trust the process. It is the process of TRUST that goes beyond our momentary understanding that will buy us PEACE in the midst of challenge and turmoil. peace quote More often than not, trials tend to stick around for awhile- and I’ve definitely learned that there is no real value in pushing the concerns away before they have fulfilled their purpose. So instead of fighting the crazy or bemoaning the chaos, I look for places to settle into a little bit of peace while I wait, watch, and learn from whatever storm has come my way. I tend to find peace in stories of everyday people who overcome obstacles to be extraordinary men, women, and youth. I find peace in writing in my journal or looking at the expanse of stars in the sky or waves in the ocean. I find peace whenever I can be reminded that the moment I am in right now is only a very small representative of a very big picture my of life. 

When I started teaching yoga, it was the little nuggets of peaceful perspective that I left with my classes that seemed to make the biggest impact in their lives and mine. When our family has been hit with whirlwinds of change or upheaval, it has been simple and subtle insights of wisdom and faith that seem to turn my mountains into a journey that I can take one step at a time; igniting the fire of hope in my heart and offering a reminder that grace and mercy are available to everyone who seek such tender care. 

I hope that, after a little time together, each of us has a little bit of the peace that we look for, not only during our most challenging moments, but also in the middle of our ease and quiet days. I hope that the words you’ll find here will stick with you long after our time together is complete. And I hope, when you  meet someone on your own personal journey who needs a little peaceful perspective, that these words, thoughts, and stories will come into your heart as your gift of warmth during their time of concern. John Lennon has been quoted saying: 

I can’t think of anything more true to that as we travel on the daily journey to something bigger than we can ever begin to understand. 



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