As I have been working on my own balance this year, I have thought back through the past 8 years of my life looking for times of balance and times of chaos. I noticed that my kids have been right when they’ve accused us of moving A LOT- there have been some ups and downs and A LOT of transitions.

I have been pleading in prayer for a 10 year HOME, somewhere my grown kids will feel like they belong because of the memories, the friends, the familiarity- but for some reason this has just not seemed to be in our cards. For the past three years, we have been in a state of prepared for the NEXT move…

I complained one night to my husband and said “I will be so upset if THIS is our 10 year home and it is being given to me in 9 month increments.” At first, I said it out of exasperation, and then I thought more about those little 9 month increments and I realized that life can be lived in one place our whole lives or moving from place to place- but time still passes ONE DAY AT A TIME! 

I noticed that with each move and transition, I have changed just a little bit- and some times A LOT a bit! 

We lived in Minnesota for 9 years and, following nothing more than a spiritual prompting, we decided to relocate to California. That one decision seems to have completely re-shaped my family and myself. I started pondering if I had shied away from who God really wants me to be because of all of the transitions we’ve taken- would I be the same person I am today had the simple and seemingly life changing decision to leave Minnesota been different? 

For 9 years we lived somewhere that we loved-

Our beautiful home in small town MN

surrounded by kind people, great friends, awesome experiences!

Pig Roast in a garage- classic MN entertaining venue

I loved to decorate, craft, scrapbook, sew

Ten years of Ornament Exchange ornamentation- my favorite tradition EVER!!

 and mostly I loved to host…

Andover Ward Ten Year Anniversary


 I loved to find a reason to have a bunch of people together laughing and having a good time!

6th Annual 4th of July Bike Parade

We had a lot of space,

Human Foosball at our ‘Nothing Like a Good Friend Party’

a lot of flexibility

Ice Hockey on our Front Yard Pond

and it was simply what I LOVED to do…

Every good Bike Parade ends with a game of Water Baseball


And then we moved…

No one knew me, which meant no one knew what I did in my spare time or what talents or skills I had or didn’t have and I found that I became a different version of ME!

We became Beach Bumms to the MAX

To be honest, I liked this version of me quite a bit too…

weekends at the beach,

Muscle Beach… always a FAV
Any Day is a Beach Day

lunch with friends, shopping in the city-

my husband has teased that I was on a 3 year play date :)

And because I felt like a blank slate, I incorporated some things into my life that I hadn’t taken enough time for before-

Yoga moved from an exercise routine to a way of life

Over time, I started to add some of the old me back into my life and things were really starting to click that this could be my new HOME- my 10 year home!


Pasta Parties before a Swim Meet


Kids in the Kitchen cooking classes


I took me a little longer to adjust to this CLEAN SLATE- and I realized that I was holding back for some reason. As I pondered on this thought for a little bit, I envisioned a beautiful flower- 

in the middle of a large meadow. Though the flower was alone among all the green foliage, it was blossoming in it’s full glory- big, colorful and full of God’s splendor.

I realized that not for one moment did that flower hesitate to bloom when it was ready-

never once did it question how long it would be able to sustain that blossom nor did it ask how many people would get to see it’s beauty-

The flower blossomed because it was time, it blossomed when IT was ready to bloom- It blossomed because that is what it was created to do- to reach it’s full potential, to magnify the FULL measure of its creation.

This life is a wonderful journey-

similar to a walk in a park with little kids!

Some days we might walk and they gather rocks, sticks, and leaves…

And sometimes they don’t gather anything at all- they just enjoy running and jumping and skipping-

It doesn’t mean one day is better than the other, it just means we took a different walk! 

In life, there are some treasures that are simply fun and games,

It’s not what you do, but who you do it with that really matters

some we outgrow or leave behind

These treasures moved on to their own bigger and better…

and some are precious enough to display…

Some people come into your life long enough to make a forever imprint on your heart

And some our ours to keep…

I just need to remember that we have gathered some amazing treasures over the years


Enjoy your day, Enjoy where you are right now- 

And never let a single day pass by without living up to the full potential of THAT DAY! 

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