When we built our home in Minnesota, I was adamant that EVERY spot that was a “known” dump spot have EIGHT cubby’s- one for each member of my family. 

I am a lover of consistency- I love order, organization, and continuity. 

When my kids were little, and I was trying desperately to keep my head above water, I implemented any system I could think of to keep life moving as smooth as possible. 

When life is planned to the minute from morning to night, spending 30 minutes looking for missing car keys or an hour trying to find the match to a four year olds favorite shoes just seemed like a big buzz kill to me. 

So I designed order into our home in Minnesota- every room full of it! 


I haven’t had the ability, or even the need to do this in subsequent homes


 Our home in Minnesota had a large and very organized laundry room, something similar to this 

perfect laundry

Our home in California was organized a little more like this,  

laundry room

And here in Texas, it’s been a little more like this… 

simple laundry

and just recently, after the above unit broke, I have noticed that we have slowly migrated to this…

messy laundry


I walked in one morning, and I wondered how in the world I had gone from so much order, 

laundry room3

To so much chaos!

I was just working up the steam to have a mommy melt down when it dawned on me, that I had set the standard, and my standard had changed. My kids hadn’t gotten lazy, careless, or inconsiderate, 

They had simply risen to exactly where I expected them to perform.  

In Minnesota, I really needed order and had the luxury of designing EXACTLY what I wanted and order is what I wanted! My kids were little, I was the sole laundress and I was trying to teach my kids responsibility by putting them in charge of chores that met their skills and abilities- in this case they couldn’t DO their laundry, but they could SORT, FOLD and PUT AWAY their laundry. Having a system in place that allowed them to feel the satisfaction of a job well done was worth the extra effort on my part. 

I am a firm believer that a little extra work in teaching and preparing in the beginning will create more freedom and ability later on. 

 In California, our space changed, but I still needed a little order because I still had six kids living at home. We implemented the highest level of order we could with the set up I had.

In Texas, everything changed… My time was different, my family was shrinking and even my laundry was different. our space was needed in a completely different way. 

At first glance, this  

laundry room3

might look a gazillion times better than this.

 messy laundry

It’s easy to get trapped in this world of comparison, 

And to really beat ourselves up over our interpretation of these comparisons, 

But honestly, we can’t even compare this 

red apples

To this- 

green apple

They might both be apples, but they are so not the same, where could our comparison even begin?

And truth be told, they meet two completely different likes, interests, and taste buds!

 It’s the same with you and me… 

We are as comparable as this 

green apples

And this! 

caramel apples

To be really accurate and precise, 

I can’t compare MY today 

002 (2)
A Healthy breakfast means I will stay on track all day

 to MY yesterday


'Nuff said :)
‘Nuff said :)

We see (and I say) this in yoga ALL the time, 

We can’t compare what our bodies could do yesterday to what they can do today- 

In a yoga practice, there is no better or worse, 

Flexible or inflexible, 

Strong or weak

It’s just all incomparable! 

We do not live the life of a Trigonometry equation, 

There is no “if, than” statements that define our lives- 

We just are, 

And that’s okay! 


Daily Mantra: 


“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you”


Daily Challenge:

Enjoy a beautiful, fresh apple and enjoy a caramel apple :) 

Really, think about your comparisons. Do you compare your worst to someone else’s best? Do you compare your best to your worst? Without any judgement, just notice who you are, what you love, and what you want. Remember, just let yourself be… 


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