In an effort to be kind to myself and supportive of your journey- I would like to share with y’all a few of my favorite things!  

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These are my ‘go-to’, need a boost tools when I’m looking for motivation, inspiration or just a helping hand. 

I was in a yoga class several years ago where the teacher said, 

“The need for continuity is an affliction”

We were in down-dog, and I immediately tumbled over.  

I knew instantly why I lost my balance, it was the same reason my friend lost her balance at the exact same moment– 

That phrase called attention to the very force that drives my life-

I have a need for continuity! It might be an affliction, but it’s an affliction I guess I kindly and proudly choose to own.

It’s not that I don’t like change or freedom to experiment with something new; I actually like both- 

I also really believe in the value and blessings that come from coming outside our comfort zone… 

It’s in our challenges that we really stretch, grow, and see what we are made of! 

I also firmly believe that it’s when we learn to operate successfully outside the lines of continuity that we truly develop compassion and the gratitude we need to give more to this life & world than we take…


BUT the last thing I want, when everything in my life is out of control, is to add more chaos. 

So when life is crazy, 

I like to eat at familiar restaurants, 

Chuy’s: My favorite jalapeno ranch dip! I’ll pick here every time if given the choice

Listen to familiar music, 

One song can flip my frown upside down
One song can flip my frown upside down

Put on my favorite clothes


I will choose holy capris, a plain grey or white t-shirt and flip flops over anything else
I will choose holy capris, a plain grey or white t-shirt and flip flops over anything else

So, When life is a little less than smooth, 

And a little less than balanced,

Or just a lot of CRAZY, 

these are the products that get me through, 

That bring me back to a place of safety, wellness, comfort, and peace-

There is, without fail, something here that brings me back to a place of balance & perspective. 



Daily Mantra: 

“If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad” 

Sheryl Crow                                                                                                                                             

Daily Journal Challenge: 

We can’t control everything and shouldn’t control anyone, but sometimes we just need something to put us on solid ground.

What shakes you up? 

What puts you back together?

Take the listograph approach today and start a list of both, things that throw you overboard and the life preservers that keep you afloat.

Celebrate both! 

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