I am super sorry that this is so late, and I am offering a little bit of a pre-warning to this message… 

I have a dear friend whose son passed away nine months ago from a horrible experiment with drugs. He was a dear friend of my daughter’s, so his death had a deep impact on our family in many ways.


This awesome and amazing boy would be celebrating his 16th birthday tomorrow, so my heart has been heavy today as I have watched the pains of this death be relived by some people I care a lot about. 

This message has been on my mind a lot lately;

it is a message I shared with my church congregation several years ago, but in light of all the thoughts on my mind today, it truly is the only message that my heart could process today… 

the truth is, sometimes a journey to peace and balance passes through some really hard and bumpy roads. Losing a loved one, especially one much too young, is one of the bumpiest roads we are asked to take. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my belief that only a very thin veil separates us from Heavenly hosts and strengths beyond anything we can possibly understand. 


Daily Mantra:


Daily Journal Challenge:

Whether you believe in an after life, in heavenly hosts or simply have felt the strength that comes from learning to live with any kind of “what now”- ponder on how you have gotten stronger from being somewhere you honestly never thought you’d live through- 





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