This has been an interesting post because it IS NOT what I had intended for today. 

But each time I got on to post today’s journey, it just seemed wrong. Rather then panic about making a time line, I decided to wait and see what was causing the disconcert. As I taught my yoga class this morning, I realized that my planned message for today should wait until tomorrow and today’s message need only be about the mantra and journal opportunity. As soon as I realized the WHY of this delay of today’s (now tomorrow’s message), I understood and got really excited about it. 

Just a quick preface before I unveil YOUR journal challenge…

In a yoga or meditation practice, the DRISHTI is a specific focal point used to focus the mind and the attention of the yogi. When the gaze is fixed on one specific point, we are better able to draw INWARD for our strength and BALANCE allowing the mind to remain still and undisturbed by the distractions around us. 

I learned a valuable lesson about the important of choosing my drishti wisely one day in a hot yoga class. I had chosen a water bottle; when my friend picked up the water bottle, my attention was distracted and I toppled over. Not that toppling over is bad, but I did learn that day the importance of choosing a drishti that won’t move :)


Daily Mantra:


(image retrieved from pinterest)

Journal Challenge:

In preparation for tomorrows message about BALANCE, I would like you to really think about what your drishti is-> what is your overall focus in life, the one thing that you can (or should) keep your eyes on. If this feels tricky to determine, think of something that won’t move or change; something that comes from your core values & priorities. This is NOT a focus based on a deadline, yours or anyone else’s.

Analyze no only What Is It Now?, but is it what you Would Like it to Be?


No Recipe Today- eat cereal for dinner :) Focus on finding your drishti & I’ll cyber-see y’all tomorrow  




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