While living in Arizona,
we learned that the reason Apple Trees
can’t grow very well in AZ is NOT
because it gets too hot there,

Kenedi in AZ 2006

but rather because it
DOESN’T get cold enough!

Karli in MN, 2007

I always thought that was a very interesting,
and as I get older,
I am beginning to realize how much
life is a little like an apple tree.

It is during the season of cold,

Stranded in Nebraska 2007

that the tree is able to establish firm

Aaron & Kori, Utah 2008  

and solid roots.

Kaidon, handling his own tube, 2008

The cold doesn’t kill
off an apple tree, it just makes it stronger-

One STRONG Family 2008

and without the cold season, the apple
tree just really can’t reach it’s full

Aaron and I spent this past week pondering
the word “Potential” and what it means to us
as individuals and us as a family.
We’ve reminisced about the different
seasons we have lived in,

and the different places life has taken us.

The people we have met along the way,

and the challenges that have crept in
and taken us by surprise.

Last year when we knew a change was
we didn’t know what,

and we didn’t know when-

but something deep down told us
it was a comin’,

I challenged my hubby to think about
and pray for what he wanted out of life.
His Goals,
His Dreams,
and His Plans & Hopes for the future.

Those journal entries were long
since forgotten, until this past week,
when we felt the need to check up on
how well this move fit into our
Goals, Dreams and Hopes!

As we both went through our journals,
individually and than as we shared our
personal insights, we were a little shocked
to discover that where we had landed,

was right where we are supposed to be
at this time in our lives.

This is a practice that I implemented in my
personal life long ago. I think being
intentional about life is a gift, and one
that should not be taken lightly.
We may not always have complete and total
say as to what happens in our lives,

but I think that when you know your Goals,

and you know where you are Headed,

it is easier to back out of a corner that
quite simply, you aren’t supposed to be in!

This has worked for me many, many times over-

But what we took the time to realize,
is that each time change has come into our lives,
we notice the passing of a season-
Change feels a little cold sometimes,
a little lonely and sad,
and everything looks a little unfamiliar!

But I know from living in Minnesota,
that even the longest of WINTERS,
always come to an end-
and the SPRING that follows,

seems more vibrant, more green,
more full of life and potential

than you can remember any
Spring ever looking before.

Change comes,
Change becomes something new,
and before you know it,
what once was new,
is now familiar and part of who you are.

Don’t be afraid of the winter!

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