Texas has had the craziest weather the past few months–> We have gone from spring, To winter, To spring, And the occasional dabble of summer.


In the midst of all this seasonal hodge podge, I have had three little cardinals that have perched themselves in my backyard. They trade places, but rarely leave this small area in my backyard- I look forward to seeing them each day, their presence has been much appreciated through this crazy weather and crazy few months.


Many cultures and beliefs feel that nature, in its many forms, has a message to share with each one of us, BUT we must be listening and watching for patterns in order to hear these messages…

 The Cardinal brings several important messages about passion, warmth and hope even amidst the cold of winter or grey of cloudy days. Cardinals also bring a message of humble pride, reminding us to live true to our natural gifts and abilities with an eye and a heart directed at using these gifts with the intent to add to the greater good of the world with which we live. Because I have spent so much time in svadhyaya (self-study) recently, I’ve been drawn to and pondering this concept of humble/pride…

I mean, isn’t that the ultimate Oxymoron??

Aren’t we supposed to rid ourselves of pride?

And once the humble know they are humble, doesn’t that point them to pride? 

As much as it doesn’t make alot of sense to me, I feel like there is something important here for me to learn.

 A few weeks ago, I mentioned some people who have a unique quality to make everyone feel like a friend

This ability to make EVERYONE that crosses our path feel special is an amazing gift (in my humble opinion)

It is an ability I lack- but admire completely and wholeheartedly. I have recently benefited by people who have this ability to love, serve, and genuinely care about EVERY person they meet! I have often thought on the people whose subtle influence in my life has made my burdens light simply by being who they are. I believe that this is the meaning that the cardinal brings! People who are genuine, people who are sincere… 

People who serve, love, care, share, pray, sympathize, and when needed just get to work. These same people who I express gratitude to in my heart on the daily often go to bed thinking they haven’t done enough to make the world a better place. 

Do you know someone like this?? Someone who you couldn’t live without, but they don’t even realize how amazing they are? Did you listen to this song in this post about mother’s? If not, go back and listen… 

This is exactly what the cardinal helps us to understand, 

This vibrant bird; playful in personality and beautiful in song, simply goes about being beautiful. She doesn’t hide or keep herself protected from the world. She doesn’t reserve her beauty for the warmest of climates or the most beautiful of surroundings… She is EXACTLY who she is meant to be. And with that integrity of self, she lightens and brightens her surroundings, no matter how bleak. 

I love teaching humble


and proud warrior



together as well, for similar reasons. You can read more about it here, but these postures teach us so much about the goodness of who we are and the gifts we have to share. 

I do not think there is enough text in the world to describe the challenges that keep being thrown into our game of life right now. Challenges made BLESSINGS because of the simple beauty of friends, new and old, who have come to rescue, revive, or support in our times of greatest need. I assure you that the people who help you most don’t realize how much you need and appreciate them…

AND I assure you that you do not have ANY idea how much YOU mean to the people in your life. It is the gift of humble pride to not realize the impact we have in this world. Please go about being you…

YOU are more than enough

YOU are the ONE person who can see someone through their clouds

and YOU bring a BRIGHT ray of love to someone who feels cold from their own self-doubts, fears, and concerns. 

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