Dear Valued Friends & Family,

After several failed attempts to help my husband lose weight and with a few vanity pounds lingering on my own body, I looked into the Plexus line of products. I have a few close friends who were having GREAT success in weight loss, overall energy and vitality as well as having incredible financial success.

I signed up to be an ambassador- there is a story within this story that is not of value here- and began to post once in awhile on my Facebook page. I had a few friends in mind when I read the testimonials online, but to be 100% honest, my heart cringed every time I read the testimonial of someone I didn’t know first hand. As a result, I had a hard time posting anything but information about the product and my OWN personal experience with the products.

I also found myself to be a horrible salesperson, because what I care more about is helping people find their own balance- not mine or a random person with great “before and after” pictures.I have been a believer for so many years that weight gain/loss is so much more than a few (or a lot) of pounds to get rid of.

We are complex people- weight issues don’t happen overnight nor do they go away with a pill, shake or powder. So my conversations more often than not ended with me offering to help someone with their overall wellness improvement and no plexus at all.

If you know me well, you know I have had some pretty serious set backs as far as health and wellness go. My journey has NOT been an easy one- but it has been a WORTHWHILE one. As I sit here today, I am actually overcome with more humility, awe and gratitude than I can really process without tears. In this mess of emotion that I find myself in right now, I can honestly declare- I wouldn’t change one thing about who I am or how I got to be here.

I live, eat and breathe this belief

I went to the doctor today because something has felt off for about six months. I have tried to blame it on stress, school, heat, cold, crazy schedules, balance… but I couldn’t seem to get a handle on what was going on.

As the doctor and I looked at some blood results and talked about my daily lifestyle he said the same thing I have heard a hundred times before- “with all this stacked on your plate, you are doing unbelievably well. Most people at this point are ______” (fill in the blank with many different ailments”.

He declared that my wellness is 100% of what I put into it and that it is obvious I give it my all.

People, I have heard this so many times you would think it is old hat and not a big deal- but I leave the doctor EVERY SINGLE TIME this is said so overcome with emotion that God has been so merciful to me and allowed me to find this path of wellness I am on. I am NOT PERFECT!!

I struggle with sugar EVERY single day-

I struggle with SELF ESTEEM every morning, noon and night and

I watch my scale in a way that sometimes I think borders on disorder-

BUT with all that being said, I would like to say,


my type of rainbow

So, I left that doctor with a game plan-

I’d like to interject here that having a doctor who will listen to you as the owner of your body is CRITICAL! Let’s repeat that YOU ARE THE OWNER OF YOUR BODY- and ONLY you know what is best for YOU!

l left with a game plan for my health,

and I left with a commitment to make a change to our relationship-

whether or not Plexus is a good product for you is going to be up to you and I can tell you some great people who sell it-

BUT if you need help making some changes in your life- in your lifestyle-

if you need help finding balance, peace, progress in your weight, your wellness, your lifestyle than I KNOW I can help.

ain’t never been a more true statement

It’s a journey I’ve been on, it’s a journey I have studied on a personal and an academic level, it’s a journey I know all too well. And it’s a journey that I KNOW if you put the effort into, you will reap the rewards in spades!

I won’t promise you easy,

I won’t promise you a size 4 jeans by Easter

or bikini abs Memorial Day,

the abs may just be an added bonus :)

BUT I will promise you control over your own body and mind, I will promise you a new understanding of who you are and where you want to be and

I will promise you BALANCE-

I will promise you my BEST-

and together we can make it to YOUR best!

Send me an email if you are ready for some changes at

balance of body, mind & soul

Blessings & Balance


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