I am honestly bouncing out of my seat today. I hosted my first Periscope live broadcast today and it went classic Treisha style- In every possible way my grand debut was true to form “keeping it real” Treisha.

runners yoga meme

In celebration of my many runner friends who are training for marathons, I had planned a 20 minute, post run yoga flow that would help stretch and release tight muscles.


I was nervous, excited, and out of my element. Despite the sprinkling mist falling from the dry Texas sky, I determined that rain or shine- I was going to overcome my self-talk and post this ‘scope’.

Because technology and I often go head to byte, I woke up early enough that I could finish my mommy duties and head straight to the park, a beautiful location that I could picture my runner friends lapping me on their morning run. With the lake in the background, I set up my mat, my tripod, and connected my phone. I took a few photos (using the timer that my sweet daughter had to help me set) to make sure the camera could get a view of me and the water feature in the background. I was calm, cool, and ready to flow! I didn’t go so far as to use the Pythagorean theorem to determine how far I should be from the mat, the camera, and the microphone- but I was pretty close to executing that much care and thought to my set up. I kept thinking how awesome it felt to be a step ahead rather than six steps behind, prepped, and ready!

Five minutes prior to the time I had committed to ‘going live’, I realized that I had no internet connection at the park. How did I not think about internet access? In hindsight, I realize that I had also put my phone in airplane mode to avoid interruptions, which contributed to my problem. I’m not sure what I thought I could do with no internet, but apparently I did not consider this a MAJOR necessity when perfectly coiffing my morning.

With three minutes to spare, I gathered all my carefully positioned accessories, threw everything in my car, popped some gum into my mouth (it’s a nervous habit I can’t break) and drove frantically to the library, where I knew I could tap into internet, the www that would give me access to live feed-

I had prepared and rehearsed some wit, some knowledge, and some great motivational quotes for the video- my hope was to share with my friends in scope land a shorter version of what, and who, they get when they come to my class.

ALL of that order and image flew out the window as I sped to my new location. I got set up, speedy Gonzales style, no math and no measurements. I took my practice shot with my new expertise in camera timers and took my frazzled little self LIVE!

No pomp, no circumstance, and no rehearsed lines, jokes, or quotes. I was so frazzled from the last minute changes that all I could really offer was ME!

Yup… Keeping it Real and Living My Life-

I honestly could pick it all apart, I could show you where my pimples were bright red, my nose ran, I stumbled on my words, and I couldn’t stop picking at the leaves on my pants. That all comes very naturally to me- you know, finding my flaws and seeing room for improvement!

But within minutes of packing all my stuff into the car, this time to head to a photo shoot, I got this message from my dear friend “LOVED YOUR PERISCOPE!!!! and I loved doing this!”

This sweet message, that took her all of ONE minute to send, instantly quieted my mind chatter and brought a huge swell to my heart. Not because of the ego boost, but because with these words, I KNEW I had given the camera ME- me in all my frazzled, crazy, harried, and imperfect glory!


She was one of my friends who trains for long distance runs and she is one of the people I had in mind when I chose yoga postures for runners as my first theme. She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met- though to be fair, I feel that way about EVERY single person I had in mind when choosing my first periscope. Running is something I cannot do right now and have not been able to do for many, MANY years- though I’ve spent countless hours and dollars trying to make it work for me. It is simply NOT in my fitness practice, in my routine, nor in my abilities at this time. Oh, but do I ever admire the training, the escape, and the peace that my friends who run seem to enjoy! I might not be able to run by their sides, train at their feet, and celebrate at their finish line- 

But give them a short flow to stretch out tired muscles… 

Well, that I could do! And it felt good to show up and just be me. My husband and I watched the video at the end of the night and every time one of those creepy little criticisms started to pop up, I found myself celebrating that little bit of ME-ness that showed through! 

Please, do me a favor and celebrate that little bit of YOU-ness that shows through in the things you do! You might be jumping out of your seat too! 


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