I went for a tall, cool glass of lemonade today with a friend. Our social circles don’t allow us to cross paths much, so we had planned a meet-up- I was excited to hear about some of the ventures that she has begun since the last time we chatted. She is one of those people who has a great big Southern Belle heart that matches her deep Texas drawl, she’s just plain Good People 

As we chatted, she mentioned that she felt like she was talking too much. I, on the other hand, felt like I was soaking in her warmth, excitement, and zest for success (hers and mine). Our time together was brief, but I felt like we had talked about so much- I had been fed, nourished, pampered, and loved in less time than it takes to get an oil change. And it was EXACTLY what my heart needed. 

Afterwards, I came home and sat for a few moments with my son. We talked about another friend of mine who has a lot of family struggling in the Houston area right now. The pictures and images are incredibly humbling and daunting. We watched a video clip of a special unit team from Utah that is deploying tonight to Dallas and then on to Houston to provide medical support and emergency aid. I have a friend who is part of this special team of 36 people who will arrive tonight, gather supplies, and receive their assignments. 


I want to stop here for just a moment and explain that I LOVE me a good ole’ Hero story, movie, or song! That LOVE doubles when the Hero comes from common folk! So basically, all the images coming out of Houston right now with neighbors helping neighbors helping neighbors helping friends has my heart bursting. Add to that the fact that I live lots and lots of MILES away from all of Harvey’s carnage, but I couldn’t begin to count how many people I know personally who left my hometown with boats to get these people out of harms way- I am a big bursting heart of gratitude, tears, prayers, and awe! 

Sooo, when I watched the video about the special unit leaving Utah today, I couldn’t help shed a few more tears of gratitude for the greatness that lies in the human heart. I felt a huge sense of pride and beauty when one of the men on this team mentioned that 36 people would be coming to Texas, but the co-workers, family, neighbors, and friends that will have to support them in their absence is exponentially more than the 36 men and women arriving in Dallas tonight. Doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and psychologists left their ‘day jobs’ today and someone else will need to cover their undetermined time of absence. If you think about that for a moment- how many people have arrived in Houston? Add to that ALL of the people in the background supporting the supporters. It is an incredible display of human affection, love, compassion, and tender mercy. 

Tonight I feel so humbled by a simple belief that I don’t think this greatness dies off and hibernates, nor do I really believe it only comes out in big doses when tragedy and emergency strike. I think it exists in the little things we do for each other EVERY SINGLE DAY! It exists in a lemonade date and a friend who reached out to touch my hand- a hand that was in need of a gentle touch in that moment. The human spirit of love and kindness exists in a million little ways every single day. It made me realize that in the wake of something as huge and powerful as Hurricane Harvey, it is only natural that the rescue efforts would have to be huge and powerful! And in the wake of the trials that hit homes and families, the rescue efforts would include touch that is much more small and personal- but no less heroic at all! 

Our eyes are turned to Houston yesterday, today, and tomorrow… but slowly, like the water, attention will recede from Houston. As time slowly turns our eyes back to our own lives, our own concerns and dramas- small as they may seem in comparison- know that our Heroism, might, and determination to save, to love, to shelter, and to protect remains with us as long as we look around and lead with our hearts. 

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