“When we appreciate our strengths & weaknesses, our beauties & blemishes, and recognize with compassion our insecurities, I believe we become empowered individuals with limitless possibility!” This is MY belief, MY mantra, and MY vision! As you visit and poke around, I hope you will find a little bit of inspiration and encouragement; a little bit of peace in the chaos, a little bit of perspective in the confusion and a lot o’bit of JOY in the here and now! 



About treisha peterson- 

Over the past few years, I have had a vision for what I wanted this blog to be. I definitely wanted it to feel comfortable, like sitting with your best friend and enjoying a nice cup of tea. I wanted it to be a place where we learned from each other and grew with one another. I’ve taken some detours along the way- both in my life and in my own personal journey. I have spent the last several months immersed in reclaiming what I love most and putting all the little pieces of the past several years of detours into one beautiful puzzle. I’m not sure I have all the pieces that I’m looking for, but I DO know that the updated version of my blog feels like home to me and, I hope, feels comfortable, warm, and inviting to you-  

friends in hammock

As a mom of six beautiful and active kiddos, I am no stranger to the busy-ness of family life and the chaos that will eventually find it’s way onto our path and become part of our life journey. I studied Family & Consumer Sciences as an undergraduate student and have enjoyed sharing my love for Family Resource Management in a variety of settings through church and community opportunities throughout the years. 

A few years ago I stumbled into two very different opportunities for growth that have since come to define who I am, what I do, and how I work. Shortly after beginning a Master’s Degree program AND completing a Yoga Teaching Certification, my family was hit with chaos, confusion, fear, and uncertainty. At the time, I was trying desperately to make sense of the uncertainty that had come through and rocked my foundation. Life had sent us some pretty significant challenges, but underlying all the chaos, I knew there was an original beauty to my family that I needed to preserve. I was grasping to find anything that might explain, what felt like, a train wreck that had hit our home. 

In the months that followed, I became a sounding board for the struggling family. I worked with families whose youth were emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually aching and wounded. I found an intersection; a place where my education and my yoga training came together to make an impactful difference in the life of the adolescent’s and families in distress. I soon realized that through my education, I have the training and knowledge to navigate life’s little “glitches”. Through my own life experience, I have the practical wisdom to put the research into action. And combined with my yoga training and practice, I have the tools to unravel the chaos that often appears in life and look to this very moment for the joy, strength, and triumph that often occurs in the natural ebb and flow of life’s journey. 


My desire has always been to help women, men, youth, and families design the lives they WANT to live through mindfulness, balance, and perspective. Though this desire remains, my updated desire is to empower the youth and families of our day with the mindset, focus, and resilient confidence that they will need to win their battles, defeat their demons, and succeed with power, strength, and courage! 

And with that, I hope that in the thoughts, ideas, and messages of this blog, you will find… 

A place where chaos turns into peace, a place where beauty and flaw mingle, and a place where weaknesses become strengths; a place where we laugh together, cry together, and grow together.

And a place where we face the storms,

Where we recognize the value of who we are, and where we have been,

And we work together to strengthen our base and amplify our beauty… 

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