The words of this quote came to my mind one quiet morning as I sat in my thinking chair:

snow rough days

Though, this has traditionally NOT been one of my favorite quotes, the sentiment touched my heart as I pondered on the beginning of the end of this crazy and chaos-full year


As I was sitting in my living room early Monday morning, I was struck by the ornaments on my Christmas trees.

I was captivated by the real tree in my living room,


the tall and skinny tree in my entryway,

small scale tree2

the trusty rusty tree in my family room,

small scale tree1

and the last remaining mini tree of the 6 that used to adorn my children’s rooms! (this tree is a little camera shy)

Each tree is CHOCK full of memories!

Memories from ornaments made by friends that I have long since seen in person

2016 trees4

Memories from moments that changed my life

2016 trees2

Memories from moving

Memories from staying in ONE state longer than any other

069 portrait

Memories of glue gun burns and hot glue micro threads that would float around for days,

Memories of scrapbook parties and late night crafting gatherings,

Memories of friends who came to the rescue when I needed a touch from home,

and Memories of the ebb and flow that has been 25 years of life! 

Though I was struck, this early morning, by all of these memories,

I was equally struck by the memories that were NOT contained in the limbs of these beautiful four trees–

There are no memories of petty arguments with family or rejections from friends.

No memories of disagreements with my husband or worries over finances, job security or health.

There is not one memory of a disappointment from a child’s choices or the consequences that might have been issued.

I looked and could not find ONE memory of the extra weight that I might have been carrying or the pants that did not fit! 

I know these things existed during the 25 years that I gathered these memories, but all of the fears, concerns, worries, doubts, and obstacles have been swallowed up in the sparkle and lights of the amazing Christmas tree! 

I have not been shy about mentioning the level of difficulty in living 2015 in the Peterson home, and equally I won’t be shy about declaring that there is a PEACE and PERSPECTIVE that have brought about a new STRENGTH in this house right now that is beyond anything I could have imagined when this year began. Each and every ornament reached out and grabbed my heart- reminding me that ‘This too shall pass’ and that out of every trial comes our greatest (and our most beautiful) strength! 

If it has been a hard year, find your memories from years past-

Celebrate your victories, your beauties, and your potential! It is there, you might simply need to wrap it up and put on your lighted Christmas Tree! 

** This post was originally written December 2015

-Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny...-

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