I had the opportunity to present at a local Women’s Conference a few months ago.  It was an amazing conference and my topic couldn’t have been better suited for what I love to practice and preach!! My topic was themed after some favorite verses about putting our lives into perspective, finding joy in the simple things, and enjoying each and every moment- TOTALLY my cup of tea!

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I talked a lot about the incredible life we can have when we put our goals and work into a holistic approach; considering our emotional, spiritual, and physical growth as a whole. I used my 2012 goals as an example of what can become of our lives when we answer a few questions about Why we want to accomplish the Goal? Who will we become by working on this goal? And What good will come into our world if we work on this goal? 


This is what my goals looked like with ME in charge, I thought they looked pretty good and I felt like it would be a good year if I could accomplish the goals.

New Year’s Resolutions 2012
* Monthly attendance to my personal ‘safe haven’- 
* Learn how to log in and enter personal information to family history program
* Look into options for a Master’s degree program
* Read Chapter 4 in a study manual recommended by a friend
* Find an exercise routine that builds strength and endurance
* Greet hubby with a smile & offer one compliment/gratitude each day

Well this is how my goals looked after I spent a few weeks seriously pondering the “who”, “what”, and “why” of my goals! We have a lot more potential inside our little selves than we give ourselves credit for. When we tap into our minds and HEARTS, we become so much more than we can become on our own! 

New Year’s Resolutions
Treisha’s Plan
Heavenly Father’s Outcome
* Monthly Attendance to my personal ‘safe haven’
* Attended weekly
* Found opportunity to share this experience with my children
* Completed service opportunities for 100 families
* Learn how to log in and enter personal information into a family history program
* Found the names of 188 deceased family members
* Connected names for 38 previously ‘missing’ children 
* Learned to love and forgive my living family members as I learned the stories of my ancestors
* Look into options for a Master’s degree program
* Looked into, applied and got accepted into program that works perfectly with my family dynamics
* Began coursework
* Became interested in the idea of a yoga teacher training program to connect my academic training to better lives
* Read Chapter 4
* Studied the entire Preach My Gospel Manual.
The devotion to this book has literally changed my life. I cannot even begin to describe all the facets of my life that were impacted by this study!
* Find an exercise routine that builds strength and endurance
* Found a great trainer and a group of girls to work out with that provides incentive to push beyond my doubts
* This group became my lifeforce, especially when loneliness crept into my day
* Greet hubby with a smile & offer at least one compliment or gratitude per day
* Seems so small, but it has changed our marriage. We are happier, more united and less stressed overall than we ever have been before

I know it is not really New Year’s Resolution time, but maybe this is about the time when you realize that you haven’t made the progress you wanted to.

I have been so grateful for the way my 2012 ended up. It is the first time in my life (at least that I can remember) that I accomplished so much yet felt so little stress and anxiety while doing it.


I would say, if you have never done it before, look at what your goals are and say a little prayer-
Can you push a little harder? A little further? Can you see a little more?

I don’t mean ADD more to your life, I mean BECOME more with what you are already doing!!

You’re in for an amazing experience if you do,
I guarantee it!!

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