Do you remember the days when dandelions were beautiful and abundant flowers, just calling your name to create a beautiful bouquet for your mom or grandma? 

yellow dandelion

And before you learned that their seeds would become pesky weeds, do you remember blowing the seeds gently as you watched them travel through the summer breeze? 

dandelion blowing

And do you remember how easy it was to play ‘make believe’? All you needed was a cape, or a gown, or a wand… 


and you could be ANYTHING you really wanted to be! 

boy in a cape

There are a lot of simple pleasures that we grow out of as we grow up and learn a little bit of truth about the world. We learn that those flowers are actually weeds, that the seeds will spread those weeds faster than we could ever pick them, and we learn that that little pop of yellow in the middle of a bright green lawn is actually NOT a beautiful treat from the flower fairies. We learn that the cape can’t help us fly, that buying a palace costs a lot of money, and that a wand has no magical power.

I’m not sure that I want to grow out of enjoying these simple little pleasures. I think we learn a lot when we allow our perception and perspective be a little tainted by the imagination and creativity of our youth. 

When we open ourselves up to all the possibilities that life has to offer, I believe that 

we dream big,

we live large,

and we think of limitless possibility… 

Is there really anything wrong with that? 

Today, as I closed out a yoga class, all I could think about were the seeds of the dandelion flying through the air. These thoughts continued as I took my dog for a walk, looking for a dandelion to gently blow…

because, you always blow a dandelion gently, 

So I share a challenge with you,

Commit to the inner child in you, to find a dandelion full of seeds, and blow… 

Watch the seeds travel through the air, with no concern as to where they are going or what will happen when they get there, 

Simply watch the seeds of your labors and your loves fly through the spring breeze; having faith that the seeds will land right where they are meant to land. And in the right persons had, with the right perspective- these seeds will be seen as a gift from above, a splash of color in a sea of ordinary- your seeds will become someone’s bouquet of sunshine. 

Go out, commit to your growth, commit to your potential, commit to your joy, passion, and gratitude for this day… 

Commit to be who you want to be, without any thought the how’s, why’s, and what-if’s.  

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