I talked about something very similar when I talked about my journey to Scorpion here 

My journey to a full body pull up has been a long, and sometimes frustrating, road…

there were a few major differences to my first pull up than to my first Scorpion Pose that I think are important.

I have loved strength training for many years…

and unlike my Scorpion experience, I have studied and asked people time and again

“What do I need to strengthen so I can do a pull-up?” And I have done EVERYTHING I was told to do.

For some reason, no matter what I have done, I have been UNABLE to pull my chin up to the bar-

in all honesty, I have been unable to do much more than simply HANG from the bar 😉

So when I started to work with a Personal Trainer and I had to set a few goals with him,

my first goal was to do a Pull-Up!!! 

I wanted something tangible, measurable; I wanted to know if I had met my goal! 

It was an amazing journey because for four weeks we worked on exercises that would strengthen the muscles I would need to do a pull up BUT we never once attempted a Pull Up! 

When the day came to do the pull up, I was so giddy with excitement.

And I did ONE! ONE!!!!

Ironically the only photo and video are of my attempts that did NOT yield a full pull up

In my celebration dance, I asked Daniel to video my next attempt so I could show my hubby… 

Ugh… I tried twice and could NOT get up to the bar! 

Daniel was so encouraging when he said, 

“Well, you got one, let’s go back to ecentric pull downs today and we will try again in a few weeks” 

UHHHHHHH, that is a big NOT! Dangit, I was NOT stopping without giving it another go…

I went into the session thinking ONE was a big deal, but the taste was too fresh in my mouth to quit now. 

When push came to shove, it was only my heart that could possible have led me to try again for sets 3 and 4. Daniel might have known that from NONE to ONE was a big deal, I knew I had to try again and set myself up for another good attempt. 

I easily could fail…

I easily could just hang from the bar,

BUT, just as easily,

I could get up, chin above bar, and go out with a bang.

But there was no way to know what sets 3 and 4 would have to offer if I had not even tried. I needed someone by my side to lead me to the strength I would need to attempt the pull up. I needed him by my side encouraging me and talking me out of my own doubts and discouragement and I needed his knowledge of what muscle groups needed to be strong and what groups needed to engage for the best chance at success. But in the end, the drive to continue had to come from within my own heart. 

I cannot express enough how strongly I feel about letting our heart be the guide to who we become. There is not one ounce of me that believes that the success is in the pull up, the posture, or any other accomplishment. The success is taking the first step, the next step, the scary and intimidating step. The success is in the going one more step than you think you can go- 

even if that step is coming to child’s pose and finding stillness in breath and body… 


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