Hello and Welcome-

My name is Treisha, and I am so glad you’ve come to visit. My hope is that you will find a warm welcome each time you pop in and when it is time for you to leave, you will leave with a little more strength, energy, and hope than when you got here. 

My introduction is short and simple: 

I am a wife and a mom- 


In every way, I am both a lifelong student and a teacher-  

I love the beach- I love the sound of water hitting the rocks, I love the feel of the hot sand between my toes, and I love the sound of laughter on the shore. 

I love the way words can make me laugh and cry, and I feel incredibly grateful for the moments when MY words bring laughter and/or tears to the people I teach. I believe that we gain immeasurable strength when we laugh and cry together; and I believe that a sense of community is sometimes the only strength we need to see us through the ease and the challenges of our lives. 

I believe that everything we see, everything we do, and every feel we FEEL becomes a beautiful sliver of the Mosaic that will become the MASTERPIECE of our lives!

However, I am no stranger to the truth that the experience of life can often be clouded by shame, doubt, uncertainty, and, negative self-chatter. I believe that when life gets cloudy, connection seems to give way to loneliness and distress. And I have come to truly appreciate that compassion bridges the gap from distressed and alone to hope and connection when people share their stories, open their hearts, and shift perspective- 

As a Family Studies educator and researcher, my desire has always been to strengthen homes and families. However, my updated desire is to empower youth and families with the necessary tools to re-frame mindset, find a focused perspective, and build the resilient confidence needed to win our battles, defeat our demons, and find our unique gifts of power, strength, and courage! 

In our time together, I hope you will find a place where chaos turns into peace, a place where beauty and flaw mingle, and weaknesses become strengths; a place where we laugh together, cry together, and grow stronger together. Together, I hope we create a place where we face the storms and recognize the value of who we are, and where we have been; coming together to build compassion, strengthen our souls, and amplify our beauty.