I am all about New Beginnings and Fresh Starts-

Actually, I’m a little OCD about new beginnings and fresh starts-

When I get something new, I want it to look fresh and new for as long as possible. This desire for everything to stay unscuffed or “pristine” looking carries over to my list making. I have a habit that absolutely drives my hubby crazy- When I start a ‘To Do’ list, actually anything that takes pen to paper, I am meticulous about scribbles and erase marks, I HATE to have any scribbles, smears or marks on my papers. If I make a mistake, I don’t like the way a “B” looks (or any other letter), or I get a smear- I start over- no matter how far I’ve gotten on my project making! The hubs has learned to laugh about it, but my poor daughter finally grabbed me a bottle of white out one day and said, “for heaven’s sakes mom, save a tree.” 

I tell you this, because for many years it was how I approached any goal or new opportunity. Every time I made a mistake, or somehow smeared my progress, I felt the HUGE need to start over. I would get started and within a few days, I’d be not so perfect and feel like I had to start over. Any little mark on my goal would throw me over the edge and leave me feeling ready to start again and get it right the next go around. The big problem I faced was that how many times can you start over before you finally give up? And give up was often what I found myself doing, trading cookies for barbells more times than I want to admit!

The problem is, who is ever perfect 100% of the time?? Life is full of scratches, bumps and bruises- we fall down and we get back up again- that’s what makes life fun and exciting and exhilarating when we succeed.

So a couple of years ago I had an epiphany that I have since implemented into my life and I can confess that I LOVE New Year’s Resolution time AND I actually stick to my resolutions from January to December AND I actually succeed->

So today, I am sharing my secret…

What? You say I’m a little late! New Year’s plans should already be well under way- 

Oh, No, no no, my dear friend, Not the way I do New Year’s

I’m not late at all, I’m actually right on time… Trust me, my wisdom is about to be your BEST YEAR EVER!!!

First a little back story- Christmas of 2005 went down in history as the hardest Christmas on my health EVAH!! As the last dinner guest left, I went to lay down, and didn’t get up until after the New Year. I was in a FULL fledged, hard core lupus flare and, in every way, it took a heavy hit to my health and wellness. Needless to say, my priorities on January 1st looked a lot different than they ever had before. But it was this New Year that I realized there was absolutely NO rule that said that MY NEW year had to begin on January 1!

So I rested, I recovered and, over a two week period, I pondered- A LOT!!

And by the second week in January, I was ready for MY New Year! My goals reflected the thoughts that I had while my mind was fresh, life was back to normal and I felt empowered. I got to the end of March, still completely focused and on track to progressing in my goals.
I decided I was on to something and made a NEW New Year’s Resolution… I will never again write New Year’s goals the six weeks that occupy the HOLIDAY season!

Think about it—-> How do you eat during the holidays?
How much do you exercise during the holiday festivities?
Think about the first week after Christmas, how clean is your house?
How organized do you feel?
And how do you feel about what you got accomplished compared to what you perceive your friends got done?

The end of December is the WORST time to plan for a NEW and WONDERFUL year. No matter how wonderfully your holidays went, there is a good chance they didn’t go quite perfect enough. And there is a REALLY good chance you just don’t feel top notch-At least this is how it was for me. But giving myself some time to get back on top of things, get the kids back to school and really ponder what is important in life helps give me the perspective that I need to REALLY make a difference each and every year.

Stay tuned… tomorrow I will tell you how 2011 took my New Year’s Resolutions to an all NEW level of awesome!

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