To honor my heart and a day of rest, I am sharing a blast from a past post. As the school year came to a close in May, I desperately needed to get some family/life perspective back in our home. These were my thoughts after a wonderful day in Dallas. I feel like the message goes well with the journey so far and hope you find applicability to your life as well. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

——– Originally posted June 27, 2014 here 

This month,

Okay, I admit, this year…
Has been cra-cra!!

In case you don’t know what that means, I’ve provided,
for your learning pleasure,
a great list of synonyms–>
disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil,
tumult, commotion, upheaval, muddle, mess, hullabaloo, hoopla, train wreck…
This list is NOT exhaustive by the way,
but I think you might get the point-

The reason for this cra-cra year you ask??
Well, honestly,
I don’t know! Really, it’s just LIFE
Life Happened!! & I’m sure it has happened to you at one time or another as well-
It is so easy for life to get a lot out of hand-
And it is soooooo hard, to find a way to rein it in and feel a little less,
well, CRA-CRA!!

I LOVE this TED talk about Family-Life-Work Balance-

The line that speaks to me- and probably at some level speaks to you- is
“If you don’t design your life someone else WILL design it for you, and you may just not like their idea of balance”
Mr. Marsh goes on to advise, “never put the quality of your lives in the hands of _________!”
I left the spot blank, because honestly, we could all fill that blank in with any number of words-
work, bosses, neighbors, church…
I don’t think we mean to do it,
but for some reason we give out a lot of our freedom to choose
how we want to live, how we want to feel, how we want to ENJOY!

Somehow, our way of thinking has convinced very rational & bright adults
that they have to buy a Timeshare Property in a place where residents
work harder & stay longer and where task lists motivate them to do more-

But all this harder, longer, more is not to get ahead like the brochure package says-
It’s a harder, longer, more just to barely keep their residents’ heads above water!

And rather than buying a timeshare that only gets visited once in awhile,
a majority of these adults are conned into buying permanent property in ‘Too Busy-ville’!
What no one realized,
is that the kids in Too Busyville don’t like it and they want OUT.
Their parents don’t smile,
they don’t have fun; as a matter of fact,
NO ONE here really even talks to each other-
so what do the kids in Too Busyville do?
Well, they rebel and move next door to ‘Pretty Idol-ville’.

Parents get worried and want to entice their kids back home,
so they enroll the run-aways in sports, teams, clubs, lessons, and private instruction–>

Until everyone here is just so busy that hours blend into days,
days into weeks and weeks into months…
It’s really all a very crazy cycle- and one that a lot of people just want off-

So this summer, I took a proactive approach to re-shaping the beauty we make time for in our lives. Each day, we ALL do a little work and a little learning-

And EACH DAY, we ALL do a little play.
I am loving this new arrangement-
we are getting some long overdue chores completed
AND we have plenty of time-
Time for family, friends, exercise and QUIET time!!

So today, as bright and early as I could convince my kiddos to wake up,


we went to Dallas for the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

My heaven on earth!

This is truly one of my favorite if all time farmers markets, 

second only to Santa Monica-
and in all honesty Santa Monica wins only because of the beach- 
oh, and the live concerts on 3rd Street Promenade
This is what we all needed to put life back in perspective this summer 


we laughed and smelled the flowers,


we held hands and tasted EVERYTHING,

we talked to passers-by…


…we simply enjoyed life and each other!

I absolutely LOVE the hand written signs
As we turned and left the market,

IMG_1684the city of Dallas was straight ahead,
Just a hop, skip, & a jump away-

It is a beautiful place to be,

and it has it’s purpose-

But this little sign from the universe caught my attention, and represented how I felt about the busy and chaotic world around me- Take caution and DO NOT ENTER

I took this as a sign to go back and get a brownie :)

a simple caution warning that what lies ahead is very different than where we were right then; a place of peace, joy, and stillness– 


I know that sometimes you need to enter ‘Too Busy-ville”-

I’ve spent many a day there myself-

but don’t stay too long-
and definitely don’t buy property-
It’s okay to enjoy a little extra time in


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