For years I have been intrigued by Scorpion Pose, truly intrigued… 

I love the strength, balance, flexibility, and beauty that  my brain processes when I see this pose- 

My dear yoga guide, Ashely Rideaux


Several years ago, I determined that I would love to ONE DAY be able to include Scorpion in my own Practice… 

And for several years, I have allowed this to be simply a thought. I have put absolutely NO effort into understanding this posture or practicing this posture.

I have simply placed it in my back pocket as a “One Day” posture, knowing full well that sometimes, “One Day’s” never happen– and that was okay with me.

After really struggling to decide on New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, I decided to work on a few things that were in the back of my mind, and Scorpion happened to surface as something I could try to learn from and learn about. 

It did not take to long before I realized that intimidation had been my number ONE obstacle in adding Scorpion to my practice. Immediately following intimidation was my critical, and often harsh, evaluation of myself, my strength, and my abilities. 

To be honest, I think most of my personal growth from practicing this posture came from these two realizations about myself. These are things that I KNEW about myself prior to attempting Scorpion, but seeing just how far intimidation and self doubt had limited me in my personal yoga practice was a huge eye opener. 

So I started playing with Scorpion… 

I studied pictures of Scorpion, noticed the curve of the back, the drishti, and the arm placement…

I started with just being comfortable on my elbows, with my eyes looking between my hands…

I practiced kicking my legs against a wall, getting familiar with this new upside down feeling…

This was a split second away from the wall

I continued my practice by slowly moving one foot away from the wall at a time, experimenting with the bend of my knees and the point of my toes… 

and I practiced Headstand EVERY day, ASSUMING that the two postures had a lot in common AND knowing that headstand gives me an incredible sense of self-acceptance.

mom yoga 034

I finally got both feet away from the wall, but could not figure out how to keep my balance as I lowered my feet to my head,

I utilized whatever help I could get

I tried everything, 

pulling my elbows in closer,

tucking my pelvis to find mula bandha,

engaging my core,

pulling my shoulders back… 

You name it, I could NOT figure out what needed to engage to get to the next layer of this posture. 

One day, while in chair, I suggested that my class place a block between their knees to pull the strength into their butts and core. 

I noticed how much different my own body felt with the block between my legs and immediately I recognized that I had not tried pulling my knees together in Scorpion.

I was so excited to experiment with my hypothesis that I almost jumped for joy.

As soon as I had the room to myself, I prepared my body and my mind to implement this new idea. 

I was so excited to see that for my body, this is EXACTLY what I needed. 


I love this new to my practice posture… 

Is it perfect?


Do I still need the wall to get up?


Is my practice complete now that I have added Scorpion! 

I hope not! 

I learned SO much about myself while trying to bring Scorpion into my practice. So much more than that my knees need to come together. 

I ask people all the time to check their ego at the door; 

If I know I will introduce postures with a few more layers during a practice, 

I gently guide a class to release mind chatter, assumptions, and self evaluations. 

I ask a class simply to let their heart be the guide to their own personal journey; 

“Just try one step further than your brain has convinced you that you can go”

Sometimes we will fall, sometimes we will tumble,

but if we have fun on the way down, 

then even the fall will be fun, worthwhile, and value to our journey! 






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