There are very few words that represent such a vast contrast as the words STILLNESS and CHAOS 

When chaos comes knocking, it is easy to feel like life is every bit confusing, disorderly, and endless! Chaos, to my mind and heart, is loud, jarring, frustrating, and completely consuming. 

In complete contrast, there are moments when the world seems to completely slow down; moments when simple beauty seems highlighted everywhere I look; and moments when my thoughts and beliefs are overcome with a simple tranquility and hope that brighten all perspective. These moments are described by chaos’ antithesis- 

It took me a long time to realize that Stillness and Chaos can, and often do, reside in the same place. It took me a REALLY long time to realize that stillness was not a place, but a continuous journey; a journey that I had to seek rather than expect to be given. 

When I think of Stillness, this painting by Greg Olsen comes to my mind every single time-

Whether you have a religious background or not, the story mimics our own in many ways. Surrounded by the hungry, wounded, sorrowing, maimed, and despondent Jesus Christ took time to step back and sit in stillness. Sometimes we may have opportunity to step away for a few moments, and sometimes we must sit in the moment and find stillness AMIDST the chaos- but seeking the Stillness is completely up to us!

Over the past five years, I have come to rely on the gift of inner Stillness- the ability to pull out of chaos and find a moment of Quiet and Calm in my mind and my heart- to see me through challenges, sorrows, deep rooted fears, and life altering decisions. Nothing has been more powerful in helping me to see beyond the crazy of the moment and see into possibility and potential than Stillness has. Stillness has brought me to a place of gratitude and grace in moments when I could see only discouragement and hopelessness. All of these things- gratitude, grace, possibility and potential- have become my lifeline, my STRENGTH.


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