Here we are… April 15, 2015

Tax Day,

Hump day for the month of April

Almost one month into Spring


And over 1/3 of the way through the year!

This has been quite the year so far for me and my family. Lots of thoughts, emotions, doubts, and even a little fear have crowded my mind as the days tick by. I’ll be honest, it’s been quite an emotional ride, one I’m not sure I fully understand or appreciate at this point. It is definitely a year of adventure that I know is bringing A LOT of experience, a sharpening of my perspective, and will yield blessings that I can’t yet even imagine! All of this I know from previous experience or just plain blind trust in the process and journey of life. 

I take the process of creating New Year’s Resolutions quite seriously. I had an amazing experience several years ago that solidified in my heart the value of setting, reaching, and exceeding goals. 

I do not usually work on creating my hopes, dreams, and goals for a New Year until mid January or early February. I am a FIRM believer that making any real and valuable goals anywhere near the holidays is RESOLUTION SUICIDE! Have you ever wondered WHY so many people resolve to lose weight, exercise, or eat better on January 1st?? It is because since Halloween, they have been eating treats, lost their routine of regular exercise, and feel like they have fallen horribly behind in everything from housework & financial management to finding time to relax, or even brush their teeth… 

Even the most organized resource manager IN THE WORLD feels a little out of balance by the time January 1st comes around. Anyway, this is my humble experience and is the basis of why my New Year’s goals are not finalized until mid to late February… 

But HOLY COW it is April 15th people, and I STILL cannot come up with a list of even ONE or TWO things I want to accomplish this year! This has been an issue that has had the potential to really stress me out, I do not like to have NO direction in my life; as a matter of fact, I have felt really disconnected and have had to focus intently on being rooted to NOT KNOWING what tomorrow brings. A phrase that I use often when helping young moms connect to the here and now is that their “TO BE” lists are much  more important than their “TO DO” lists. It is more important ‘TO BE Present’ in a child’s playtime in the park than ‘TO DO’ all of the household chores before daddy comes home. 

So I’ve been soothing myself with the vision of what do I want TO BECOME this year, rather than what I want TO DO this year.


So when I heard the historical take on Potemkin’s Village, my heart almost sang and leaped for joy! It is rumored that Grigory Potemkin created elaborate facades to impress dignitaries passing through the city where he governed. Though everything looked beautiful and prosperous, it was all a facade! 

I’m not sure that my previous years experiences with goal setting have been for show or have been a facade… I have grown and developed in many ways that have humbled and taught me more than I would dare count. 

But I wonder if the reason New Year’s Resolutions seem to elude me THIS year is that I have a different journey. A journey that does NOT include those tasks or goals that can be measured; a journey, not of things ‘to do’ but of what I can ‘become’! 

I want TO BECOME a mom who sees the potential of my children and can ignite that vision in each of their own hearts.


I want TO BECOME a wife who loves unconditionally.


I want TO BECOME a friend who needs less and serves more.


I want TO BECOME stronger physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so I can better navigate the in’s and out’s of this crazy world.


And I want TO BECOME a yoga teacher that brings the beauty of a yoga practice off the mat of each and every person who journeys through a flow with me as their guide. 



How do I measure ANY of these things? It can’t be done…

So where is the hope in successfully navigating a year of BECOMING rather than DOING? 


It goes right back to SETTING a daily INTENTION! 

So this year, as I rise to a new day, I will set an intention to…

  • Look carefully at the strengths and weaknesses of my children so I can SEE what they cannot see. I will introduce them to skills, hobbies, and opportunities that will eventually LIGHT their own passions of becoming
  • Make sure I concentrate on viewing my hubby as the Knight that he truly is
  • Make real live, voice to voice, contact with friends before checking in virtually on their photo feeds
  • Practice habits that I KNOW work for me that create strength and well-being, spending a little time each day practicing my own version of savasana
  • Listen carefully, with my ears and eyes, the mat practice of each person who walks through my classroom doors so I can guide them off their mat as well. 

 I will slow down and notice the beauty that life has to offer…


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