Recently, I’ve heard the same sentiment expressed in four different settings,

about four different people. 

It seems that maybe there is a theme that I need to pay attention to,

so I thought I’d take time today to share.

In all four situations, thoughts were being shared about the passing on or moving away of a well liked person.

Each of the four people were highly different in their lifestyle, roles, and background… 

all four had ONLY ONE thing in common,

Each person was admired for how they treated people,

the impact they’d had on the lives of COUNTLESS concourses of friends, family, and acquaintances; 

I was reminded of the funeral of my own beautiful mother…


people I knew and people I’d never seen, 

filled the church to share stories, laughter and tears of a one-of-a-kind type of woman… 

The kind of woman I want to be one day-

Driving down the road today, I thought of my Grandpa,


a man from a modest beginning,

but who had to the determination to see things through to the end!

His funeral was also filled to the brim with people who had come to love ‘Doc


for who he had been,

and who he had helped them become…

My thoughts fell to this thought that I share often in a yoga class,

Today, I choose to be my own little lighthouse–>

split rock 1

Ocean Liner,


 Or Cruise Ship…

It does not matter the size or purpose of the boat,

the lighthouse still shines… 

Often, the lighthouse has no idea who has seen his light,

who has been drawn to safety,

OR who has been protected through the oceans darkest storms…

The lighthouse shines & shines bright

right where it is, sending light for all to see.


Sometimes we look for purpose, value, or meaning to our lives. In the process of 


we often miss those things that are right in front of us. 

In the process of looking, we might begin to compare and contrast our purpose with that of another.

With all of the different styles, kinds, and colors 

of lights in our world, it is the 

exact placement of the lighthouse,

the location of the light bulb,

the constant turning of the lamp 

and the unmistakable sound of the foghorn

that allows the lighthouse to fulfill ITS purpose at the edge of the sea…

Running around the beach,

looking for docked boats,

or floating in the ocean,

trying to get closer to those in danger

would be counter productive to the lighthouse’s purpose.

Follow the example of the lighthouse;

Stand Where You Are (knowing that’s right where you belong)

Take a Mountain Pose, And Shine!! 

Edmund Fitzgerald


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