I have always loved a Summer Rainstorm-

I love the way the temperature cools instantly. I love that a summer rainstorm can blow in and blow out in a matter of minutes. I love the way grasses green, colors intensify, and rainbows form when sunlight hits just right. And I love when a clear blue sky releases the first few raindrops out of nowhere. 

Rainstorms are a wonderful reminder of the natural ebb and flow of both nature and life. Rainstorms nourish our foliage in a way that irrigation or pumped water simply cannot. Rainstorms can wash away mud from my porch, grass clippings from my sidewalk, and chalk art from my driveway. 

Weather patterns and seasonal changes impact our physical environment as sunshine turns to rain clouds; rain clouds turn into thunderstorms; and sometimes, thunderstorms become torrential downpours. There will be times when we have the luxury of deciding if we will go out in the rain and storms and other times that we simply have to buckle up and wait the storm out. 

Similarly, our heart, body, mind, and spirit gives way to the transitions and fluctuations of our own personal growth and experience. Just like the rains that pour from the heavens, some of the experiences of life offer nourishment, some offer cleansing, and some come so quickly that we feel a little flooded. With each experience of life- each rain we encounter- we have opportunity to find blessings and challenges pouring from Heaven. We can put up our umbrellas and protect ourselves from getting wet or we can lace up our galoshes and dance a little in the rain, letting the blessings soak freely into our hearts and souls. 

I recognize that there are big challenges that require a little protection from the rains and floods. I also recognize that sometimes it is hard to decide if it is an umbrella day or a galoshes day- whether we are in the storm to stay dry or looking for joy in the storm. If we protect ourselves from the rain, we might be safe from the challenges, but we also risk missing the blessings. Often, more often than not, the blessings are a result of the challenges we face. If we skip out on the challenge, we miss the blessing and the opportunity for growth. 

There will be days where we NEED the umbrella. We need, for whatever reason, to stay dry. But there are days where the wet of the rain and the warmth of the sun are exactly what we need to grow, flourish, and brighten our way. As we move into each day, decide if this is a day to put up the UMBRELLA or lace up the GALOSHES? 

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