These thoughts have been on my mind for quite some time, but I could not quite put the thoughts into words that accurately described my deep emotions. I realized that, just like the seasonal changes, my thoughts were not yet complete because my experiences had not yet matured enough for the gift of hindsight. 

2015 began with some really crazy winter weather here in Northern Texas: snow, freezing rain, and ice would fall one day-



And three days later, we would be out and about, enjoying springlike weather.


My social media feeds were full of people complaining about the rain, ice, sleet, snow and mess. Complaints about school cancellations, unplowed roads, and breakdowns were more rampant than the snowflakes that fell from the sky. There was so much focus on the disturbances and inconvenience of the storm, that people were forgetting the unique, beautiful and RARE opportunities that only a fresh snowfall can present. Glistening icicles in the morning sun, the beautiful blanket of white in an empty field, a day home to hear and see laughter in a child’s eyes and the search for carrots, coal, and button eyes for a snowman that may not stay for dinner!

In sharp contrast to what the world around me looked like and my community voice was vocalizing, I felt blessed by the weather and the rise and fall in temperature and I knew that this extreme weather wouldn’t last long.

(This picture was taken in the morning on my way to a yoga class…)

I actually really love short term winter weather storms and I believe there is something restorative to the seasonal changes and climate fluctuations. I’ve lived in warm climates long enough to know that when the snow falls it doesn’t stay for very long. 

(… and this picture was taken, the same day, at the exact same park, on my way home from yoga and errands)

Because I know the weather is both temperamental and temporary, it is easy for me to enjoy a Winter Storm in the South- cancelled school, icy roads and all! I’ve learned that when nature gives you a day off, you take it and ENJOY it- whatever “IT” is! 


Well, February and March came and went with continued extreme and dramatic weather fluctuations and I forgot all about my thoughts about the value of just sitting in the weather and enjoying it for what it is RIGHT NOW…

I forgot my thoughts about building a snowman when it snows,

Snowmen Girls

about taking a few dance steps when it rains,


and rolling around when the leaves fall,


and the privilege of basking in the warmth of the sun’s rays!


Not worrying about what happened yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow- simply enjoying what weather we have TODAY…



The dramatic weather did not let up in April here in northern Texas. April showers, showers, showers, and more showers dominated Texas weather reports. So much rain that a many year drought warning was lifted. Everything from light rain to torrential storms flooded roads, yards, and parking lots.

It wasn’t until the end of May, when I did my monthly review, that I realized the storms of April figuratively tore through our home as well.

My daughter was in a car accident on April 1, an accident that resulted in more thousands of dollars in damage than I want to count. That was the beginning of drama, change, turmoil, stress, and overall chaos in our home like nothing I have ever experienced.

Somehow, through it all, we enjoyed a few mercies, miracles, and beauties that kept us from emotionally drowning. We had no choice but to look focus only on the “here and now”, looking no further than RIGHT in front of our eyes. We could not consider the “what if’s” of ANYTHING that came our way. Had we taken our eyes off of the marvels of the current moment, I am sure we would have collapsed!

As I have reflected over the past few days about the craziness of April and May, both in the weather and in our home, my 14 year old daughter reminded me that “April showers bring May flowers”
And I suddenly remembered how I felt during those snowy days in February and March when everyone else was complaining about the snow and cold and how I just wanted to enjoy whatever the day had to offer because I could trust my past experiences with winter weather to know that the storms would soon pass and the sun would again shine. 

Truth be told, Snow IS cold, ice IS slippery, rain IS wet, and the sun can get dang HOT;

AND truth be told, 

There is ALWAYS something to complain about, AND there is ALWAYS beauty to be found!
We get what we look for folks, that IS the bottom line…

It is supposed to rain a lot here again this week,

but TODAY was sunny and we threw away the lists of things to do and went for a hike! 


Just like the weather, it looks like my family isn’t quite yet out of our personal and emotional rainstorms quite yet; the next few days might be a little cloudy and grey as we navigate some new family storms as well!

But what I do know and what I can control is the choice I make to concentrate on the storms, complaining and moaning all the way


I can gather my friends and family to play when it snows,



I can laugh as I run through the rain,


I can make piles from my leaves,


And I can splash around in the sun…


It’s not a matter of WHAT the weather looks like,


It’s a matter of WHAT you do with the weather you have!

The original snow cone!!
The original snow cone!!

In a yoga practice, the only thing that really matters is what happens inside the four corners and four sides of the yoga mat. Walking into the yoga studio, we let go of lists, chores, tasks, expectations and judgement. In class, I may offer the suggestion to avoid the temptation to look around and gauge our own posture and position to that of another. It may not be perfect, it may not be easy, but as long as it is your mat and your time- it is your experience to be had! On the yoga mat, we don’t look too far forward or too far back. When our focus stays on the mat, we do not have the ability to go too far beyond the current and present moment- 

So, take a cue from the yoga mat,

Just come to your mat and enjoy what unfolds-


With no judgement and no expectation,


Come to the mat to simply ENJOY…

And I promise you,

You will get exactly what you are looking for-

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