The WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY of yoga therapy with treisha! There is a phrase that is fairly common in yoga vernacular-

yoga will find you

When I began my yoga teacher training, I had absolutely NO intention of teaching  yoga. I wanted to learn more about the practice that I had come to love and appreciate in my own life and workout regime. Shortly after completing my required teaching hours, I realized that I might enjoy teaching organized classes at a local gym- introducing yoga to people who might not otherwise walk into a yoga-only studio. I would never have found yoga in a yoga studio, but when it was offered at the studio where I worked out, I added it to my weekly routine and quickly became hooked! At the time, I couldn’t even imagine, what would soon become a lifelong passion and opportunity to serve in many ways.

I added private yoga sessions shortly after I began teaching at a local yoga studio. I was approached by a student whose daughter was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. Through several months together, I saw remarkable growth and change in her and felt grateful for the opportunity to be entrusted with her thoughts, fears, and insecurities. I was approached by the mother of another young person who wanted her child to benefit from the stillness and meditation that yoga often provides, but she wanted to do it through more organized yoga classes. Though these benefits can be seen, I could not believe the growth and progress of these two young teens.

Overtime, I have had the privilege of working with individuals and in private-group settings with a wide range of clients. From post-injury high school athletes to elderly clients; from individuals who seek help navigating life’s many transitions to business professionals who need a little ‘zen’ in their fast-paced, chronically “on” lifestyles; and from youth sports teams to small office team building- I have seen yoga therapy improve the quality of life, love, work, and play! 

As I think back on my previous and current clients, I can’t think of anyone who came to yoga therapy from a current and consistent yoga practice. Most of these people have come to yoga therapy for something other than the funky poses; they come for very personal and intentional purposes- with a goal or an outcome in mind. Most didn’t know anything about yoga,and most were a little intimidated by yoga. I guess, the who, what, and why of yoga can be answered quite simply be WHOEVER, WHATEVER, AND WHY-EVER! 

If you’d like to know more or to contact me with questions please follow the email link found in my yoga therapy page. I’d love to chat! 



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