I really believe this is true with almost everything…

So if you are playing devils advocate, than I would agree there are somethings that basic thought power has no control over- the weather being one thing. No matter how hard I expect it to be warm and sunny in MN today, it is still winter here and the temps just won’t call for flip flops and swimming suits no matter how hard we might expect it.

But when it comes to kids-

I’m going to stick to my guns and say “You get from children what you expect to get from children”. My kiddos shared their perspective with me when I was preparing for a conference I was asked to speak at. You can read those thoughts here at http://treasureyourtoday.blogspot.com/2013/10/parenting-101-see-what-your-kids-cannot.html

Basically, my kiddos all expressed gratitude that I expected more from them than they would have thought possible for themselves. I am going to assure you that this is not something I am making up or that I paid them to say-

this is actually a common psychological and sociological principle known as Self Fulfilling Prophecy- and in our home, I have seen it work in spades, leaps and bounds-

Kids Become What YOU Expect Them to Become!

I was thinking about this today as I saw this post on Facebook about Justin Beiber and all his recent adventures as a 19 year old kid (a 19 year old kid with a lot of money and apparently a lot of other things). I thought of all the people who say he is just a kid and kids make dumb decisions.

But you know what- I know other 19 year old kiddos who are making different decisions-

My oldest son the day he left to serve a 24 month mission for our church- age 19
OMW 13
My daughter- age 19- leaving for her 18 month mission to Germany/Austria/ Switzerland

 These two and hundreds- thousands- of their peers are making the decision to serve, share and dedicate their young lives to something bigger than they are.

This is the picture I saw on Facebook today:

Seriously, what a contrast-

I don’t want to get into a discussion on the perils of youth in the entertaining business- but I am curious, what was your first thoughts when you started hearing about the Beib’s legal hijinx? What other 19-ish year old stars did you think of? Did it really surprise you??

Age has nothing to do with the decision these 19 year old kids are making- the difference is someone expected more of those that became more. I can guarantee there was someone on the sidelines encouraging and building the kid who signs his (or her) military enlistment papers and the kid who submits their mission service papers. This has nothing to do with age, maturity, money or opportunity. This is choice- plain and simple.

I applaud the choices made because someone knows they can be so much more than they think they can be.


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